Ozone Therapy

Sauna Treatment

Ozone Therapy is a unique form of therapy that heals and detoxifies at the same time. It is used to treat a variety of chronic diseases and conditions. Ozone is unlike regular oxygen because it has three oxygen atoms instead of two. The extra oxygen atom is what makes ozone supercharged and gives it all of its remarkable medical properties. Ozone is a form of oxygen. Healthy cells in our bodies love oxygen; unhealthy cells cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

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How the treatment works

The principle of this natural therapy is that as you sit in the sauna, the steam opens your pores and they then absorb therapeutic amounts of oxygen (and a little bit of ozone) through your skin. It oxidizes toxic metals and chemicals and converts them into a more water soluble form so that they can be sweated out more easily, or eliminated through the liver and kidneys.

Before Choosing Ozone Therapy

  • Avoid taking antioxidants one hour prior to and two hours after ozone therapy.

  • Do not use alcohol during ozone sauna therapy. Allow four hours after alcohol has been metabolized before getting ozone treatments.

  • Do not do ozone therapy while on recreational drugs.

  • Do not do ozone therapy if you have an organ transplant.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy