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ARP POV Sport Strength & Endurance Training: The Ultimate Performance Enhancement Tool

ARP POV Sport facilitates efficient training to help strengthen your endurance. This is achieved by rapidly contracting and elongating muscles. This teaches the body that with every muscle contraction, there must be an equal velocity and load elongation of its antagonistic muscle. This results in the following:

Why Choose POV Sport Strength Training?

ARP POV Sport is a Class 2 medical device which the FDA has authorized for the following uses:

  • muscle re-education

  • relaxation of muscle spasms

  • increased local blood circulation

  • prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy

  • maintaining and increasing range of motion

  • elimination compensation patterns

  • reducing pain in affected muscles

  • shown to speed up the healing process

  • quickly builds muscle strength

  • designed to increase muscles ability to absorb force and prevent muscles related injury

What is ARP POV Sport:

Strength & Endurance Traning?

The ARP POV is a system that helps to strengthen the body by controlling it at the source of the nervous system. It helps both the peripheral and central nervous system by stimulating the body in a way to help identify and heal injured tissues. It trains the human nervous system by learning through the strength of stimulation and repetition. In return, your muscles are stronger and perform better after treatment. It also helps to reduce pain-guarding-pain reflex. Patents notice improvement in strength after their first treatment.

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Application of the POV Sport allows all involved muscles to turn on and turn off rapidly, which identifies compensation patterns. POV current is applied to stimulate an "overload" of those muscles to produce a subsequent detraining of the compensation patterns. Correct motor patterns are reestablished, eliminating the imprinting fo nonproductive compensation patterns. The combination of this detraining, along with other unique effects of the POV Sport, results in accelerated recovery and performance.

How Does POV Sport: Strength & Endurance Training Work?



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