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Pain Therapy?

This therapy helps to address the causes of the symptoms in the neurological origin of soft tissue. This is helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain or chronic disorders! The ARP Wave system helps to stop the pain by giving proper stimulation to the nerves that cause it. It retrains those muscles and provides a satisfying relief. The ARP Wave machine is a level 2 durable medical device. The treatment can be reimbursed by some insurance companies and can be used through the flexible spending program!

Benefits of ARP Wave Pain Therapy

  • Increases strength for arthritis patients without joint irritations

  • Addresses the cause of the symptoms, not just the physical symptoms

  • Increases strength, stamina, endurance, and improves athletic performance

  • Available to anyone needing an orthopedic, spinal fusion, or joint replacement surgeries.

  • Gives an option to those who want to lose weight, increase athletic ability and prevent injuries

  • Gives comfort to those with MS, limited range of motion, or a neurological disease

  • Provides the patient with satisfying relief with proper neurological stimulation